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Giving people their life back for 25 years!

Welcome to IMPACT Physical Medicine and Prism Aquatic Center

We are a physical and occupational therapy clinic and have been helping our patients with their pain since 1995. Through the use of innovative medical tools such as Postural Restoration, MEDX, Custom Foot Orthotics, and the Prism Aquatic Center we are providing you with the best treatments in pain medicine.

Our clinic takes the unique approach of directly treating your pain. We want you to feel better and our treatment approach helps to give patients the best results.

Who Are You

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.
Henry Ford

Here at IMPACT, not only do we work with patients, but we work with a variety of other members of the community. This includes, but is not limited to, doctors, attorneys, students, educators, employers, and insurance companies.

What Our Patients Say

Great place for physical therapy. I highly recommend to anyone. The staff are very patient, kind, and understanding. They really take time to find the problem, and work with you through the time you go there.

Christy R.

Support staff are therapists are excellent. Their attention to detail, easily approachable, professional style and skilled at teaching methods/techniques that help relieve pain and get your body functioning right. Both on land and in pool therapy I would recommend this team to any person seeking help in managing your life pain free (as possible).

Randy B.

Dr. Agre and his entire staff are amazing! I have seen several different OT & PT therapists as well as the massage therapist and everyone is highly trained, and accommodating to all clients. I highly recommend this clinic for anyone who needs therapy.

Nancy K.

My experience with IMPACT Physical Medicine has been excellent!! There is a very warm and friendly energy in the clinic. All staff are very kind, thoughtful, and always willing to help.

Kathy J.

I had an excellent experience at IMPACT. The location was easy to get to with limited mobility and had ample free parking. The locker room and therapy pool were well maintained, and staff members were both welcoming and knowledgeable. The heated therapy pool won me over. It was relaxing to be in and the warm water eased the muscle strengthening process. After an hour, I left feeling like I had a good workout but wasn’t in any pain.


The therapists and office staff make IMPACT a warm, healing environment.

Crystal S.

I went to IMPACT’s Aqua Therapy Class after my doctor recommended pool physical therapy to regain strength after a long-term illness. I had an excellent experience at IMPACT. In the pool, Kari and Amy were always available to assist with exercises and answer questions but also respected my space if I wanted to exercise independently.I’m not one to jump into pools, but the heated therapy pool won me over. It was relaxing to be in and the warm water eased the muscle strengthening process. After an hour, I left feeling like I had a good workout but wasn’t in any pain. I would definitely recommend the aqua therapy class to anyone wanting to increase muscle strength in a supportive and relaxed environment.


I have experienced chronic back pain for 19 years, starting in my early 20’s. I have tried nearly every kind of therapy, but nothing brought more improvement than my caring therapists at IMPACT! They helped me get through two pregnancies with minimal discomfort, I have avoided back surgery, which a specialist suggested with inevitable and as a whole I feel far better today than when I was in my 20’s.

Crystal S.

Given a rare autoimmune disease that has many complications, I needed Physical and Occupational Therapists that had expertise to design specific exercises and teach me how to do them on my own. One of my close friends who witnessed my struggle to breathe, recommended IMPACT therapists as they had helped her regain mobility. My physical therapist and 2 occupational therapists worked as a team to modify several land and pool exercises and I am most thankful for the remarkable team that continues to help me to live a fuller life.

Ann O.

Impact is by far the best clinic I have ever been too. They are always on top of things and treat me 110%.


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