The daily and ongoing goal is simple yet very challenging – to be “world-class” in every respect.

We want IMPACT Physical Medicine to always be a different type of medical facility. One that truly cares about you. We wish to be your partner in wellness.

Our philosophy

You are a patient that has made the choice to come to our clinic therefore: You deserve the best that medicine can offer. It is our job to deliver the best care possible for the reason(s) you came to our clinic.We intend to inspire and coach you to live life to its fullest.

Our beliefs and approach to care

The human body is a masterful creation where numerous areas and systems need to work together for optimum function and health. NOTHING EXISTS IN ISOLATION. Some call our philosophy “holistic”. We consider it basic anatomy.

For your body to work properly (from a musculoskeletal standpoint), four different body systems/areas need to be working in harmony.

  • Neuromuscular
  • Postural mechanics
  • Soft tissue
  • Strength and conditioning

If any of these areas are not correct, function is or will be compromised. Pain is likely to result. You may then be incapable of carrying on the normal activities of daily living. This pain, if not corrected, leads to a degenerative cycle that few facilities understand and are able to treat effectively.

IMPACT’s successes are based on an approach that addresses all phases of proper body function.

Most physical medicine facilities focus almost completely on only one of these four areas. There are, for example, clinics that focus on strengthening alone to resolve chronic low back pain. If this is a clinic’s approach, many patients with improper postural mechanics will be asked to undergo an extensive strengthening program only to fail.

Postural mechanics must be corrected before strengthening to achieve maximum patient outcomes. It is probable that patients receiving a singular approach to musculoskeletal problems will continue to have episodes of recurrent pain (and additional medical visits), because the underlying problems were not addressed.

IMPACT’s approach creates superior outcomes and prevents patients from facing recurring visits for the same diagnosis. As much as we love our patients it is our job to say goodbye as soon as possible. This potential issue of minimizing future visits is further addressed by the fact that every patient’s “plan of care” always includes patient education, patient specific exercises, and self-empowerment techniques to manage their own care and prevent future issues.

The patient experience

Wherever the art of medicine is loved there is also a love of humanity.
– Socrates

IMPACT provides patients with a top-quality experience. All of our staff members strive to make your experience with our clinic a great one. You will see the difference in our care right when you schedule your first appointment.

Our new clinic offers patients a relaxing waiting room that includes a number of complimentary beverages including coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. The positive experience doesn’t end there.

It continues with the professional medical staff that is committed to creating a positive and uniquely different healthcare experience. IMPACT will not hire anyone, no matter how talented in other ways, if their interactive skills are not top-notch. Patients will discover our skilled medical team that always has the time to smile.

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