We treat the aches and pains of life, accidents, and injury.


is for “integrated”

Integration means now, under one roof we offer medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, pain management, orthotics and rehabilitative care – both on land and in water. No single clinic offers the breadth and quality of services that you will find at IMPACT.

Integration also means a relationship with other experts in musculoskeletal care. This extends from our relationships with the various care systems and insurance companies to weekly meetings where we participate and review patient cases with surgeons, radiologists, neurologists, anesthesiologists, and other care providers. The bottom line is, we either have the internal resources to assist you or we will work with you to find the health care providers needed to assist in meeting your medical needs.


is for “movement and motion”

Improper musculoskeletal motion and movement is the most common cause for patient pain. We are experts in restoring function. This is achieved by restoring proper motion and movement to your bodies affected areas. Movement, motion, function, and pain relief are all tied together.

At IMPACT we take a personalized approach to your care. An individual treatment plan will be developed at your first clinical visit. Together we can, and will, improve your movement, motion, and functional abilities.


is for “physical medicine”

Physical medicine is what we do. Why we are so good at physical medicine is another “P”. That “P” stands for providers. Medicine is a science but ultimately the skill of the person providing the science means everything. In terms of physical medicine, no single clinic can match our skill or the experience of our clinical staff. The combined experience of our clinical staff is over 200 years! The average individual experience level is over 15 years! From our medical director, Dr. Mark Agre, to our team of occupational and physical therapists, each has the experience and advanced training to help every patient individually.

Additionally, we are one of a small number of clinics in the Unites States to become “certified” by the Postural Restoration Institute. Quality providers with advanced training and equipment create excellent patient outcomes. You deserve the best provider available in musculoskeletal care and we assemble a team second to none.


is for “aquatic therapy”

Although no one questions the efficacy of aquatic training, there are very few therapy pools in the metropolitan area. The reason is simple—therapy pools are expensive to build and maintain. In our obsession to provide the finest care possible for our patients, no cost was spared to build the best pool possible. IMPACT Physical Medicine and Aquatic Center has built the world’s first “PRISM” pool. Our pool was over three years in the design and construction. The pool is not a swimming pool, it was designed by the Postural Restoration Institute for one purpose—to advance the medical science and patient outcomes associated with aquatic therapy. The pool is not just another therapy pool—it is literally the world’s most advanced therapy pool! We invite you to come see for yourself!


is for “comprehensive” and “compassion”

We offer all the common modes of musculoskeletal treatment but we do not stop there. The completeness of our range of advanced treatment options is simply not available elsewhere. From our MEDX spinal strengthening equipment to our “PRISM” pool to our certification in the advanced science of Postural Restoration, we have treatment options and approaches many clinics have never ever heard of.

In medicine, one size does not fit all. This is especially true with complex and chronic cases. When cases are chronic or complex, one or two treatment options may not be enough. Each patient must be treated individually in these situations to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Our comprehensiveness reaches beyond the walls of our clinic and into the medical community at large. This means that we are networked to an even larger core of medical providers to provide services (such as surgical procedures) that we cannot provide. Comprehensiveness is an important reason for coming to IMPACT.

Compassion should be the norm in health care but all too often it is not present. You are never “just a number” you are the reason for our existence. You deserve our best and our compassion. Comprehensiveness gives us better options – compassion makes us a better clinic.


is for “technology” and “talent”

Technology advancements happen continuously in medicine. IMPACT is committed to bringing the finest in technology to our patients. Medical equipment is not all the same. We have invested in the best technology, equipment, and training. Examples are our MEDX spinal rehab equipment, our top of the line Nautilus equipment, our in-house orthotics fabrication equipment, our “PRISM” pool and even our “soft bed” treadmills. We believe it is our obligation to provide you with the best equipment available, and to put that equipment in the hands of the best medical professionals possible. No one can match the skills we have brought together under one roof!