DEXA Body Composition Scan

DEXA is a high-tech, low-radiation, full-body X-ray machine that can provide one of the most accurate measurements of bone density and body composition available.  It breaks down the exact amount of fat and lean tissue limb by limb. 

Know Your Risk!

 Often even “skinny” or “healthy” appearing people can have dangerous levels of visceral fat.  Visceral fat is threatening fat deposits that are hidden inside your abdominal cavity and can elevate your health risks substantially if not addressed.  A DEXA Body Composition Scan can report visceral fat with 96% accuracy!  

Looking for Training Specificity?

DEXA breaks down the specific amounts of fat and lean tissue in your right and left legs, right and left arms and trunk.  This can make it helpful for high level athletes and competitors looking to dial in their training and maximize symmetry and balance. 

A DEXA Body Composition Scan comes with a color report and a one-on-one discussion of your individual results and recommendations to address any problematic areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

A DEXA scan produces an extremely low amount of  radiation (1-4 uSv).  To put that in perspective, the average person receives about 8 uSv of radiation by merely walking around on Earth.  In fact, 3-4 DEXA Body Composition Scans scans within one year are safe.  A round trip cross-country flight exposes you to much more radiation (40uSv).

In short, no.  The DEXA Bone Density scan is a scan that zeros in on certain parts of your body, usually your hip, spine and/or forearm to determine how dense your bone is and your fracture risk.  This scan can assist in diagnosing osteoporosis/osteopenia.  

The DEXA Body Composition Scan scans your entire body and provides detailed information about specific amounts of bone, fat and lean tissue in each region of the body.

The scan itself takes six minutes.  You must be able to lie flat on a cushioned table (without any pillows or bolsters) for that time in order to get accurate results.  To allow for screening, dressing and consult time, plan on being at IMPACT for approximately 30-45 minutes. 

You cannot have any metal on your clothing for the DEXA scan (metal internal implants are fine).  This includes zippers, bra clips or underwire, buttons, clasps or metal eyelets (for draw-string pants or sweatshirts).  This also includes jewelry and/or money clips – best to leave jewelry and any metal valuables at home.  Gowns are available as needed.

Fasting is not required, but be sure you are hydrated.  If you are looking for extremely accurate results, you may want to fast from solid foods for at least one hour prior to the scan and plan to do any repeat DEXA scans at the same time of day as your initial scan.

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