Golfer’s Can Treat or Prevent Injury With Occupational or Physical Therapy

As a golfer getting therapy from an occupational or physical therapist can have many benefits that will improve your golf game. One of the great and underutilized benefits of therapy is injury prevention. Many people view the game of golf as a low impact sport, but the swing and follow through can subject your body to a force of eight times your bodyweight. If you do get injured on the course or in another area in your life going to therapy can help you to quickly recover and get back to the game.

While playing golf you can develop golf related injuries. Golf can also aggravate any pre-existing conditions you may have such as back, neck, shoulder, or hand injuries. If you are a casual weekend golfer you will be more prone to injury than the serious players because of spending less time working on swing mechanics. Not having good swing mechanics can result in a swing that will twist your body in painful/damaging ways. One of the great benefits of working with a therapist is that they will make sure your body is in proper alignment, improving your game and relieving pain. In more experienced players occupational or physical therapists can improve swing power and balance.

If you decide to start physical or occupational therapy your therapist will start by giving you an evaluation. During the evaluation your therapist will identify weaknesses in your body, and problems with your core strength, body mechanics, and posture. Once problems are identified, your therapist will work with you to treat and help you correct the problems. Working on your treatment plan with your therapist will help you prevent injuries that can occur during the golf swing. Therapy can do wonders for your golf game improving posture and addressing any of your weaknesses.

It is a well known fact that the game of golf is plagued by players suffering from back injury or pain. Young golf pros in their 20’s such as Roy McIlroy and Jason Day have back problems. Seasoned players like Fred Couples and Tiger Woods have had their championship winning careers severely affected by countless back injuries. All golf players are at risk of permanent damage to their backs. According to research the golfers that do get injured and are the most prone to injury have inadequate core strength and have poor body mechanics.

Working with a therapist to fine-tune your lower back and abdomen giving you control of your core. Most people do not have adequate core strength and working to gain control of your core will help to prevent back pain. Gaining control of your core will also give you much better control of your balance, arms, and hips, giving you the ability to achieve a better swing and follow through during your game.

If you are ready to prevent injury or get treatment for an injury make an appointment today. Your golf game will thank you.

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