Thoroughly researched and scientifically designed to help with:

  • Physical fitness
  • Sports and strength training

Over 100 medical journal articles and international meetings reported the effective non-surgical treatment of spinal and knee problems with MEDX equipment.

Medical outcomes and data along with extensive research performed both clinically and academically demonstrate the efficacy of MEDX technology for the rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries. These medical machines are utilized in progressive rehabilitation centers in the United States and throughout the world.

As a functional testing tool, each machine tests range of motion and force output at multiple joint positions. The MEDX line includes machines that evaluate the musculature involved in Lumbar Extension, Cervical Extension, Cervical Rotation, Torso Rotation, and Knee Flexion/Extension.

As a dynamic exercise rehabilitation instrument, each machine strengthens the involved muscles, increases pain-free range of motion, and enhances muscular endurance. These benefits normally result in pain reduction or elimination, and restoration of normal function. Chief beneficiaries are individuals suffering from chronic injuries.

Advanced research and training on MEDX has been conducted at the University of California, San Diego.

Patient Rehabilitation with MEDX

Rehabilitation instruments feature state-of-the-art computer technology that enhances decades of strength training expertise. Computer readings record angles of motion and correlate force output with multiple joint angles. Both total functional torque and muscular torque are recorded.

Equipment features pioneered by MEDX include:

  • Stabilization for muscle isolation
  • Counteracting gravity’s effect for accurate torque measurement
  • Short stroke length weight stacks during dynamic exercises
  • Isometric testing at multiple joint angles
  • Non-muscular torque assessment

The patient-adaptable equipment features seat positioning, range of motion, counterweights, and restraint systems that all adapt to the unique physical requirements of each patient. The equipment provides resistance for rehabilitation exercises in small weight increments allowing individualized levels of resistance for any rehabilitative regimen. The computerized diagnosis provides updated results of training, strength evaluation, and rehabilitation of musculature. Counterweighting the patient’s body enhances testing accuracy by removing the weight of the torso, head, and arms. IMPACT personnel are fully trained to operate and handle all aspects of MEDX testing and rehabilitation.

Testing Patient Results with MEDX

Standardization makes testing accurate and reproducible. Computerized testing measures and plots muscle function. Typical extension curves are seen to the right. Both normal and abnormal lumbar extension curves are shown for comparison.

  • Muscle Isolation
    The muscles tested must be pinpointed. Assistance from surrounding musculature skews test results.
  • Use of static force
    Motion generates friction and produces force, each of which interferes with measurement of muscular torque. Static testing allows for true maximal measurement of voluntary effort and accurately correlates position and torque.
  • Measurement of angular position
    Strength output varies according to joint angular position. The joint angle must be determined precisely at each point along full-range movement.
    Measurement and deduction of non-muscular torque compression of soft tissues, and the elasticity of stretched tissues, creates torque. Gravity and friction must also be measured to correctly assess net muscular torque.


Rehabilitative instruments return unparalleled results in the treatment of spinal and cervical dysfunction. IMPACT uses MEDX to extend both the lumbar and cervical range of motion.

Lumbar Extension:
The MEDX lumbar extension machine provides functional testing and spinal therapy. A unique system of pelvic stabilization provides true isolation of the deep muscles of the lumbar spine. Weakness of these muscles can be responsible for chronic disability and persistent or recurring pain.

Cervical Extension:
The MEDX cervical extension machine is highly reliable and specific for the quantification of isometric cervical extension and dynamic resistance training.

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