Health supplements can play a vital role in your overall wellness. The real question is where to get safe and effective supplements? This is especially the case after studies have found that health supplements sold at stores and online are made with very questionable quality and many of these supplements do not even have the ingredients promised on the label in them.

At IMPACT we have a solution for you. We work with a supplement company called Xymogen that only works with medical clinics and only provides supplements of the highest quality.

Not only are these supplements based in scientific research and development, but also with the PersonaLogiX system you can have a custom made supplement created to your needs. It only takes three simple steps to participate in this medically advanced supplement program.

  • Take the simple assessment online. You will be provided with a quick survey to fill out online. The assessment will gather critical information about your health, lifestyle and goals.
  • Your doctor will then receive your individualized supplement report. The supplement recommendations are generated using your unique answers to the assessment. Using your answers the system checks thousands of clinical studies to recommend specific nutrients and doses just for you. After your doctor receives the report they will make sure the recommendations truly are right for you.
  • After you have completed the first two steps you will receive your personalized supplement kit. Your supplements will come individually wrapped at just the right dose along with the recommendations of exactly what time of the day they should be taken. If your supplements are taken at the optimum time of day the nutrients will better absorb into your body.

Taking these supplements will help to restore your body to a state of optimum wellness. After your initial order you may order as many or as few supplements as you may want at no obligation. Although we at IMPACT feel that you will enjoy your personalized supplements and will not see better results with any other kind of supplement.

Are you looking for high quality daily vitamins you can trust?

At IMPACT we have those available for you as well. Right in our office we have:

  • A natural Osteoarthritis blend with glucose in it
  • Probiotics
  • Vitamins D and D3
  • A multi-vitamin
  • Fish oil
  • A natural energy boosting supplement

If you are looking for different varieties of supplements you have the opportunity to shop the entirety of the formulas offered by Xymogen. If you are one of our patients just ask for the Xymogen referral code on you next visit or contact us by phone or email if you would like to start shopping today.

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