John “Jack” McGuire – MT

Massage Therapist

Jack McGuire graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BS in Finance in 2016 before eventually completing an AAS in Therapeutic Massage from Northwestern Health Sciences
University in 2021. Jack found his way to massage therapy after experiencing labral tears in both shoulders. Massage therapy, physical therapy, and learning the value of a good warm-up all helped tremendously in his rehabilitation; and his experience made such an impact that it pushed him to redirect his career trajectory away from finance and towards health and wellness. Jack is also ART Spine Level 1 certified, practices PNF stretching, and is currently pursuing the NSCA’s CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) credential. He has always been active in athletics, professionally and recreationally. He worked as a swim instructor and lifeguard throughout college, and has worked as a contracted massage therapist for the U of M Gopher football team. Jack was a competitive swimmer in high school, played water polo through college, and now stays active primarily through weightlifting. Jack is enthusiastic about helping people move more, move better, and with less pain.

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