For he who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.
– Owen Arthur

IMPACT is second to none when it comes to the willingness and ability to work creatively and positively with insurance companies, QRC’s, businesses and the various third party payers.

We are proud of our skills in working with difficult musculoskeletal issues.

Because of this we are willing to work on a fixed-fee or pay-for-performance basis! At IMPACT this is not a future concept – it is happening now!

IMPACT acknowledges the fact that individual payers and patients have individual needs. Our clinic size is substantial enough to accommodate the needs of large payers and insurance companies yet small enough to be willing to develop individual programs and procedures to meet various medical needs.

Because we offer most all of the services needed for musculoskeletal care, there is no need for patients to travel to multiple facilities or to struggle with collecting medical information from numerous clinics and hospitals.

Our philosophy and approach to patient care not only ensures immediate outcomes, but is designed to deal with long-term cost reduction through patient self-management.