Some people think that doctors and nurses can put scrambled eggs back in the shell.
– Cass Canfield

Few people outside of the medical world understand the complexity of the work life of today’s physician.

IMPACT knows that when a doctor is free to refer to a clinic (of their choice) a few very basic items are needed.

  1. High quality medical care for the service requested.
  2. A positive experience for the referred patient.
  3. Excellent communication with the referring clinic and staff.

The staff and management at IMPACT are absolutely committed to responding to the basic needs of the referring facility. We are confident that you will not find another physical medicine clinic that will provide the quality of care, communication and overall patient experience that you will receive it IMPACT.

IMPACT Clinic Referral Papers

Are you ready to refer your patients to IMPACT? Simply click on the provider or chiropractor referral document to download the PDF file.